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How To Travel With Kids

Summer is almost over but it isn’t too late to pack in one last vacation, or get a head start on planning one for the holidays! With young children, travel may seem like anything but “relaxing” and more like work sometimes. Factoring a child’s needs involves some planning but no worries, we have some guidelines!

  1. Make Extra Time – time is your biggest asset with young children. They love to explore, they need bathroom breaks, and sometimes there are tantrums. Make extra time for airports and sightseeing and everything in between.

  2. Book Ahead – spontaneity isn’t a place for children; plan a head for ease and comfort.

  3. Keep Them Distracted – try giving them their own camera, they will have something to focus on and you may be surprised by the turnout. Also be tech savy, have a device loaded with apps and games that’s fully charged.

  4. Be Ready For All Weather – comfy children are happy children. Check the weather, pack for that weather, and then also pack for the opposite of that weather ... you never know.

  5. Use Public Transport – if possible use public transport, kids love buses, trains, boats etc.

  6. Handbag Essentials – keep antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers on deck. There is no room for sick kids. Pack pull-ups – just do it. Also MEDICINE.

  7. Don’t let kids pack their own bags – if you do just check it before you leave.

  8. Keep the activities going – have activities planned and games as backup.

Check out these family holiday bucket list trips here!

  1. Wild West Adventure – California: Yellowstone and Sequoia National Parks.

  2. A Cultural Odyssey – India

  3. A Need For Speed – Dubai

  4. A Jungle Safari – Costa Rica

  5. The Ultimate Family City Break – Rome

We love having your kids with us at Star Montessori and believe there is a ton of knowledge to gain by exploring the world. We believe their time with us will help them be more open minded and able to appreciate what the world has to offer!

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