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9 Easy Ways to Keep Children Busy

Keeping a child occupied can be an extremely difficult task. Trying to keep them occupied AND engaged at once may seem impracticable. Here are a few fun activities to keep your child busy at home during the weekend!

  1. Have the child engage in gardening activities; give them some vegetable of even flower seeds and a plot for planting.

  2. Use a plain sheet or shower curtain as a canvas. This will keep your child occupied for some time especially if it is a large one.

  3. Get the child his or her own computer and buy age appropriate computers.

  4. For children ages 1-4, stock up on coloring books, scrapbooks, crayons and markers. Be sure to rotate these as well as the toys once or twice monthly as they do get bored easily. Create a car track/ road for them to rive toy vehicles along.

  5. For ages 4 -7 order craft project kits or download fun learning worksheets. Get them to write stories; it doesn’t have to be original, it could be an excerpt from their favorite fairytale with their own ending.

  6. For ages 8-13, indulge them in kid friendly cooking projects or simply science subjects. Gather up some old clothes and have the kids do a tie & dye session. Teach the girls how to knit. Have them create a family tree and see how well they know their relatives.

  7. Have your child put together a Jigsaw puzzle or a collage using pictures from a magazine.

  8. Create a scavenger/treasure hunt with small treats around the house or garden and send them hunting.

  9. Use cartridge paper to make your own “board game” such as Snake & Ladder or Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Some of the activities can be done spontaneously using items within the home. Others may have to be pre-planned and/or be used after you have exhausted all other options on a busy day. Share what other ideas you have below!


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