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Join us for Star Montessori Summer Program!

Summer is almost here and we are excited to find ways to beat the heat with pool time, ice cream parties, and barbecues! One of our favorite things in the summer though is our Star Montessori Summer Program. The summer program begins at 5 years of age and allows students real life experiences that will be sure to include many great memories!

Does your child participate in the summer program? Do you know all about our summer program? We would LOVE to have your child join us at Star for a fun filled summer. Our summer program includes four field trips a week such as bowling, trips to the library, movies, and so much more. Meanwhile our teachers are coming up with fun new games and activities to engage the kids even when they are in the classroom. Some of our favorites include yoga time, art time, water day, and video games!

To give you some more insight on how great our summer program really is, we decided to do a Q&A with one of our current students, 10 year old, Safiya Rafiq. She has gone through the Star Montessori curriculum since she was 18 months, and has been a part of the summer program since she was 5. The summer program allowed her parents to continue going to work and not worry about baby sitters but also kept her away from watching TV the entire day.

Q: What has been your favorite field trip during the Summer Program?

A: Skate world because I love skating!

Q: What is your favorite classroom activity during the Summer Program?

A: Arts and crafts time because it was really fun! We got to color with our friends while listening to music all together.

Q: Did you enjoy spending time with other students?

A: Yes, I got to meet new kids and make new friends!

Q: Would you recommend the Summer Program to your friends?

A: Yes! Because every single day from Monday – Thursday we are doing something soooooo fun, it’s so much better than staying at home.

Q: What is your best memory from the Summer Program?

A: Trying new things that I’ve never done like braiding hair and yoga!

If you are considering getting grandma and grandpa or a babysitter to help take care of your kids this summer, think again. Enroll your child in our Summer Program and we promise they will be thanking you for one of the best summers of their life! We can ensure your child will walk away with new skills, visit new places, make new friends, and some great memories.

Please stop by our office at any time to ask us any questions regarding the Star Montessori Summer Program. Enrollment for the Summer Program starts June 6th.


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