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TOT is a creative and unique way for a student to learn, experience and master all sorts of ball handling tricks! TOT teachers will model, encourage, & inspire your child to be the very best that they can be! Your child will attain many new skills that will instill a drive and motivation that will carry over into all areas of your child's life. Give your child the TOT advantage!

Dance Tree loves kids and has the goal of giving every child a start at developing a healthy, creative and expressive lifestyle.

40 years ago, Mary Lee Kennedy responded to the need of private and parochial schools by sending her studio instructors to their location for “on-site” classes. Since that time, Dance Tree has taught tens of thousands of students throughout greater Houston. Over the years satellite locations have also operated in Florida, Ohio and Norway.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At Star Montessori School & Day Care, students have the opportunity to take extra-curricular activities (extra cost) if parents elect to enroll their children. These activities will allow your child to expand their horizons beyond our Montessori curriculum and into other interests they may have. We have carefully selected a variety of activities that we believe provide a broad set of foundational skills. 

A TUMBLEBUS® is a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment--bringing the best possible physical education class to children at daycares, elementary schools, private schools, etc. Cheerfully decorated, the TUMBLEBUS® provides a unique and fun way for children to receive the physical fitness that is so important to their development.

Instructors "with a special heart toward children" make the experience memorable as well as educational. TUMBLEBUS® programs build self-esteem in children as they accomplish each physical skill in the lesson plan. 

GiggleBytes® introduces preschool children to the wonderful world of technology, but  GiggleBytes® is more than just computers! Teachers implement our proprietary curriculum and work with each child to help him/her develop important academic skills including; letter and number recognition, shapes and colors, pre reading skills, phonics, spatial relations, auditory and visual discrimination, and much more!  Exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) camps and classes for school age kids expand the GiggleBytes curriculum.

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