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I cannot say enough about this school! They are awesome! I've been taking my boys there for over 5 years. My children have loved it. They get the education and nurturing they need. The strict teaching is a plus and all of the teachers are so sweet and very experienced. They offer a hot breakfast and even teach the children table manners. Both of my boys were taught their state presidents at age two years by Ms. Mary Moffet. She is amazing! All of the teachers are amazing. The directors pay attention to all of the children and parents. They run a tight ship and I do feel why the school is so successful! I was referred by a close friend several years ago and have continued to refer numerous friends and families to Star. I absolutely love love love this school and would recommend it to anyone who wants your child to be a smart well behaved child!

Tina Stout

Pasadena, Texas

I really love this school. My daughter is 4 years old and she knows how to spell her colors, days of the week, and she is learning sight words now. She knows the months, she learned a little song with all of the 7 continents, and she can work math problems such as 55-42, and 67+10. The price is very reasonable, even less than most daycares and these children are learning a lot! The one thing I wish would be incorporated would be a second language. Tried as I have, I have not learned Spanish and I would really like my daughter to learn it at an early age. However, I can really only fault myself for that.

Celeste Jones

Pasadena, Texas

I have had three of my children go through Star Montessori School on space center and I would like to say that it is truly a great place for early and gifted learners. The teachers there are wonderful especially Mrs. Huma. She actually had material prepared everyday for her students which kept my children interested and engaged. If you have a chance, try to enter your child (6 yrs to 7 yrs) into Ms Huma's class. You won't regret it at all. The school is amazing and serves lunches everyday to the students. I recommend this early school to anyone who wants to give their child an early start to schooling.

Salik Tehami

Pasadena, Texas

My son has been attending Star Montessori School at this location since he was around one year of age. The rate at which he has learned most of his developmental skills has been exceedingly pleasing. The friendly staff has played an immense role in contributing to his overall education. The staff is more than respectful to the parents, and understanding in each individual's situation. Not only is my son learning developmental skills at a faster pace, but the underlying hidden curriculum that the teachers and staff portray has advanced his skills in interacting and socializing with other children, and adults, as well. The day care is most importantly a safe haven for children to come attend school, whether it is just for day care or after school care, and it is significantly evident that the children that attend this institution are thriving centered on the basic, sound foundation that the owners and staff have created. I did an immense amount of research pertaining to locating a great, reasonably priced daycare, and I am blessed to say that my son has had the remarkable opportunity to attend such a distinguished, educational school. I would recommend this school to any parents or single parents looking for a reasonably priced daycare with a great location and access to the many educational opportunities that this institution has to offer.

Stephanie Hallmark

Pasadena, Texas

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