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Assembly Required: Building Your Child’s Success Story

Why should you invest in early childhood education for your child? That is like asking why you

should send your child to drivers Ed to learn how to drive. Early childhood education is a

fundamental step towards your child’s success. Just like a driver’s license allows people to be

independent and provide for themselves and others, an early childhood education prepares

children to be independent and provide for themselves and others. Studies far and wide

continue to illustrate the lasting benefits early childhood education has on the lives of children,

their families, and the community.

Recently, I came across a very interesting TED Talk focused on early childhood education, “The

health child: assembly required”. If you haven’t already seen it, watch it here! “Healthy children

do not come preassembled, work is required” as stated by Dr. Kathleen Gallagher. Dr. Gallagher

is an expert on all things early childhood education. In her talk, she has many compelling

arguments backed by research on the benefits of an early childhood education. She refers to

The Abecedarian Project which is one of the world’s oldest early childhood education programs.

In this study, children born between the ages of 1972 and 1977 were randomly assigned as

infants to either of two programs. In one program children received full-time, high-quality

educational intervention in a childcare setting from infancy to age 5, and in the other they did

not participate in early childhood care.

The children who went through the Abecedarian Program:

 Outperformed those who did not in areas of math, reading, and other intellectual

measures through high school and adulthood.

 Were less likely to become teen parents

 Are more likely to have a job and have a college degree

 Are less likely to become depressed as adults

 And were proven to have better physical health in their mid-30s

The children who did not participate in early childhood care:

 More likely to be in Special Ed programs

 Have lower IQ’s by the time they are 4

 Only 40% were in college or employed in skilled labor (contrast to 70% of Abecedarian


These studies have been going on for years and it proves that it truly makes a difference in the

long term lives of these individuals. “Healthy environments, language interaction, [and]

relationships, all rely on the skills of educated healthy teachers”. Early childhood education

programs are sustained by quality teachers who help build the lives of children everywhere. At

Star Montessori we employ healthy, educated, and well compensated teachers. It is an

investment not only for our school but for our students. As parents, we want to provide our

child with the best, better than what we had. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and

develop at an early age.

Have you seen some of the benefits from an early childhood education in your child? What

made you choose an early childhood education for your family? Please comment and share

your thoughts!

Thanks for reading,

Star Montessori

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