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8 Fun Easter Activity Ideas for Kids

Easter is right around the corner and regardless of if your family celebrates the religious holiday, it can still be a fun filled weekend of activities for your kids. At Star Montessori, we like to embrace all holidays regardless of religious backgrounds and celebrate the culture each one brings. Spring brings a new season, new colors, a change in weather, and some fun holidays. Here are some fun things you can do with your family to indulge in the Easter spirit!

  1. Check out this Pinterest board for some fun crafts to do with your kids, all kid friendly! My favorites include the bunny ears crown cooking up some mini Easter egg cakes in the kitchen.

  2. Read your children classic bunny tales, some great ones include Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” or Margery Williams “Velveteen Rabbit”

  3. Host an Easter Egg Hunt. There are many local churches and neighborhood egg hunts, make sure to look some up near you! If you have some helpers, you can even organize one in your back yard. Other fun games to add could be the bunny hop sack race.

  4. If you do decide to host an egg hunt, let your kids help you stuff plastic eggs.

  5. Decorate eggs! Get some hardboiled eggs, dye, stickers, and any other fun things to let your kids creative side run free.

  6. If your family has Easter baskets, you can let your kids customize their Easter Baskets. Get ribbons, bows, flowers, and any other crafts to allow your kid to decorate their basket.

  7. If you are really into it, you can have a photo shoot. There is not much cuter than kids dressed as bunnies.

  8. Embrace spring and have a picnic. Make use of your Easter snacks and crafts and take them outside for a picnic.

Whatever it is, get outside, get in the kitchen, or get in the crafty spirit with your kids. Talk to them about the importance of Easter and spring and enjoy doing something new and fun with your family! Share your fun ideas with the teachers and maybe we can try some fun activities in the classroom!

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