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Summer Swim Safety!

With this Texas heat and summer in full swing, I am sure you are spending lots of time in the pool. There is no better way to cool off and probably your child’s favorite summer activity. With that in mind, it is imperative that you review some safety tips with your child before they take the dive.

Never leave children unattended

When your child is in the pool or even close to the pool, NEVER leave them unattended. It may seem obvious, but it only takes a second for something to go wrong. From the moment you get to the pool you should be alert and constantly have eyes on them.

Although lifeguards are great, don’t fully rely on them to monitor your child’s safety. While the lifeguard is on constant alert, they are responsible for watching many children all at once. If you are with a group of other parents, you can take turns being watch keeper. This allows you to take turns relaxing or tending to something else while your child is still being watched.

Teach your child basic swim techniques

It is definitely a good idea to teach your child basic swim strokes and water survival skills. Before letting your child swim without a floatation device or adult assistance, make sure they:

  • Are comfortable going underwater and blowing out bubbles

  • Know how to step/jump in the water and return to the surface

  • Float/ tread water for one minute

  • Turn in a circle in the water

  • Identify exits

  • Swim from the middle of the pool to the closest exit

  • Exit the pool by steps or ladder

Every child will become comfortable in and around water and different ages, like anything, the younger they are introduced, the better they become with time. Swimming is a skill you will carry for the rest of your life.

“Walk Don’t Run”

Make sure they know the “walk don’t run” policy by heart. This rule should be ingrained in them whenever they are at the pool, no matter the surface. Slips and falls are very common injuries and are one hundred percent preventable.

Stay away from drains

Drains are important for pool hygiene. However, make sure your child does not play or tamper with them to avoid any injuries.

Obtain CPR Certification

Hopefully, you will never have to use it, but knowing CPR is always an asset. CPR classes are available through many hospitals, community centers, and local Red Cross’s.

Do you know any other pool safety tips? Share them with us!


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