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Back to School!

We have officially said our final goodbye to summer, and back to school is in full swing. Here at Star Montessori, we are so excited to start this new school year off. We have said goodbye to many great students, and are welcoming so many new students!

Some students transition from summer to school very easily, while others find it a little more daunting. Here are some back to school tips to prepare you and your children.

Get your health in check. Ensure that all medical check-ups are up to date. We ask for immunizations during your registration period at Star, so you should be in good shape. If your child goes to elementary school, keep updated on what the school needs!

If your child is going to school for the first time, you can do some things to help them get ready for the classroom. What is crucial is to get the child in the right environment for learning and growing. You can meet your child’s teacher, at Star we always take new parents around the school and show the classrooms we would enroll their child in. We allow them to speak to the teachers, look at the paperwork, and walk through the entire building. We allow parents to stay and watch how the teacher interacts with children, how the children respond to the teacher, and if all the children seem generally content. Things you may want to ask the teacher can be about what a typical day may look like. We instruct all teachers to post an agenda in the classroom. You can also ask teachers how they would handle certain situations such as crying, hitting, biting incidents as well as our potty training process.

By observing the teachers and the classroom, we want parents to get a full understanding of how we run as a Montessori School & Day Care. We want parents to feel comfortable with the classroom environment and our teachers.

Other things to prepare include getting the necessary supplies and items to help them feel confident and ready to go. With the right clothes, back packs, and snacks, your child can feel ready to go!

If you have not yet enrolled your child in school, we would love give you a tour of our school! With over 29 years of service, we are always eager and proud to begin a new school year.

We wish everyone a successful year ahead!

Star Montessori School & Day Care


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