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Tips to take home! 5 ways to better parenting

Parenting is a tough job, we completely understand that! At Star Montessori School and Day Care our job is to work with parents on a daily basis. When raising a child we cannot expect them to fully develop if school and home life are completely different. We must work together as teachers and parents to allow children to follow a consistent schedule and disciplinary routine. Our childcare program allows students to learn socially acceptable behavior and things that are considered “bad” or “wrong.” Over the years we’ve developed essentials to help children develop. We’ve come up with a top 5 list of best childcare skills to follow:

  1. Spend Time – often the most overlooked but easiest to accomplish. Spend time with your child. Talk to them about everything under the sun.

  2. Show some love – we all love our children but how often do we both visibly and verbally display it? Make an effort to make your child feel cherished and beloved.

  3. Positive reinforcement – one of the harder rules to follow. Praise your child when they do something good. If your child does something wrong praise another sibling who is doing something right. If dealing with an only child then explain to them why that is not the best behavior.

  4. Be Firm – this lays out clearly what is right or wrong to your children. I use a 3 time rule, if a child asks for something 3 times in a row they won’t get the item. For younger kids the best approach is to develop a routine that they can follow.

  5. Be the example – Look, none of us are perfect. We need to be self-aware especially around our kids. Kids learn from their surroundings and most importantly, YOU! At Star, we develop their social skills and cognitive skills. It is important for children to see something similar at home. If a parent shows a temper children learn that and think it’s okay since their parents do it at home.

If we follow these rules both in a school setting and at home we will be more likely to allow our students and children to fully develop. I hope you enjoyed reading this and can apply some of the skills in your daily life! Let us know which skill you think is the most important.

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