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What to do when your kid says “I’m Bored”

With the increase use of smartphones, tablets, and television it has become difficult for parents of today to get their kids out and active! With summer right around the corner, here are some fun, easy, and cheap activities to do with your kids to keep them entertained and healthy!

  1. Take a hike

If the weather is great, go OUTSIDE. Go for a hike or a walk or even a bike ride in a nearby park. Don’t forget the sunscreen, water, and some snacks for a picnic at the end.

  1. Visit the library

Take a trip to your local library, pick out some fun books to read there and to bring some home! Many libraries have fun events for kids so keep a lookout for those as well.

  1. Play Cards

Skip the movie night and bring out your competitive side with some card games.

  1. Build a blanket fort

Bring out your inner architect and get ready for a slumber party like never before. Throw on some string lights for an extra sparkle! Pillow fights are encouraged.

  1. Have a Pizza Party

Make dinner into a fun activity. Buy pre-made dough, toppings your family desires, and viola – you have dinner, you have fun all in one! Check out this link for ideas!

  1. Just go outside

There is SO much to do outside. Play basketball, have a waterballoon fight if its hot, draw chalk murals, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Get creative with tape

Check out this awesome activity, and all you need is TAPE.

  1. Feed the birds

Make these homemade bird feeders and watch your child light up every time they see a bird getting their grub on!

  1. Plastic Cup Fun

Add plastic cups to your grocery list and check out these 18 acitivities for kids!

  1. Don’t like pizza or the library, no worries, look into these other activities for whatever floats your boat!

At the end of the day, your child will be thrilled to be spending time with you. Get creative, get outside, and bring on the fun .

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