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Top 5 signs of a great childcare center

As a parent of four kids of my own and not always owning a childcare facility I had an eye for what really mattered to me in a childcare facility. I prioritized must haves based on my needs (yours may be a bit different) but they are all still really important!

  1. Word of mouth – why not hear from parents who have already been there! There is no better story than hearing reviews from parents who go to the childcare center every day. You may learn a lot more about the school through word of mouth vs. taking a tour.

  2. Curriculum – Does the school have a strong curriculum? Can they show you work of current school children? Nothing is more important than your child’s education, so make sure you are informed! I have seen far too many schools completely fail when it comes to the education aspect of childcare. For me, my children’s education was a top priority.

  3. Staff – how was the staff when you toured or visited the daycare center? Have teachers been there a long time? Do they seem engaged in working with the students? For me I wanted to make sure the teachers had love as a trait or quality about them. I would make gut decisions since you can’t spend a lot of time with them but sometimes you can just tell. When opening Star Montessori I wanted to make sure our teachers were treated as family. After 30 years with many of the staff we are more like a family than just colleagues.

  4. Strong policies – as much as you may think this doesn’t matter, please do not forget to really understand the policies of the childcare facility. It’s important to know sick policies, vacation periods, etc. At Star Montessori our policies are built to benefit our families. Although, it may feel like an inconvenience the policies are meant to benefit our students and to keep them safe.

  5. Safety measures – some questions I would ask about safety include: is there a secured entrance? Will a PIN be required to enter the facility? Does the school have a camera system? Is there an emergency plan? Our student’s safety is our top priority and all school’s must have the same thought process. No exceptions when it comes to safety.

I hope these tips help when deciding what daycare center your child goes to! If your child isn’t a student at Star Montessori School come by and we promise we will exceed your expectations!

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