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How Child Care Teaches Your Child to Be Resilient

As a working parent, your time is precious and you spend as much time as you can focusing on your child’s development. It takes patience, awareness, flexibility, and time to ensure a positive developmental process for your child. At Star Montessori, we don’t want your child’s development to stop at home; our teachers are dedicated to continue to be a positive part of their development. We see your children through their ups and downs and are there to guide them, lift them up, and support their growth – each and every day.

Parents all over have been seeing how child care centers are building resilience in their kids. Child care centers like Star Montessori:

Maintain a safe environment. At Star Montessori, our classrooms are set up to allow children to safely explore their surroundings. This helps build confidence, independence, and self-esteem. We encourage our students to take a hands-on approach to learning.

Encourage children to be independent. Our teachers spend a lot of time teaching students skills to become more independent and are constantly using positive encouragement and motivation. We believe your child CAN do it.

Promote decision making. Through our programs and curriculum, your child learns how to make decisions. They make decisions about what they want to play with, who to play with, even small things like which colors should they use or what to build with the blocks. Each decision your child makes is their own, some with the help of teachers and others all by themselves!

Develop patience and cooperation skills. Our classrooms are filled with lots of activity. Each child has different needs at different times. Our teachers work with all the students to guide them to be patient and work cooperatively.

Build friendships and learn empathy. Children in our classrooms are encouraged to build friendships. This helps them build self-confidence and learn how to think of others while having fun!

Develop critical thinking skills. Our curriculum challenges kids to learn at a fast pace and put them ahead when they get to school. They are challenged to consider different ideas and exercise their imagination.

Opportunities to take on leadership. Children are encouraged and motivated to take on meaningful roles. Examples include teacher’s helper, line leader, or speaker during circle time. We allow students to take on responsibility and in turn gain a positive view of them.

Provide love and support for each child. Children who can establish positive attachments to non-family members are more apt to be confident and have a positive self-image.

At Star we know we can’t replace the love and support you provide your child at home, but we put our all into ensuring the best development for each and every child.

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