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One MAJOR reason why your toddler may wake up at night

Every child you raise is unique and different in their own special way. At Star Montessori we’ve seen over 2,000 kids come and go through our program. Trust me we’ve seen a lot but every day still brings about new experiences. I’ve had a few parents ask us through the years about their children’s sleep habits. Once your child reaches around 18 months they develop a sense of self, they can play pretend (with stuffed animals, etc), recognize body parts, and ironically nap less. At Star Montessori children who are 18 months will take a nap for 2 hours during the day. But at home this may be a different story when it’s time to go to sleep. Some children have a harder time sleeping than others; some love to sleep and would sleep all day if they could. Giving advice on this topic is usually more complex than most situations but I always start with the typical advice. Read them a story at night, tuck them in, different bedtimes, different pajamas, her favorite dolls, night-lights, cuddling. Try those for a few weeks and if it works great! Recently, I’ve realized there is another major reason that I’ve been overlooking. SUGAR. So many times we don’t realize all the sugar we give our children close to bed time. Caffeine is a big no no. So give that a shot and let us know if this works for you!

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