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Fussy Eaters: A Deeper Look

Is fussy eating normal?

If you have a fussy eater on your heads, meal time can prove to be a very stressful time for your family.

There is frustration over wasted food that takes time and effort to prepare, worries that your child isn’t

eating enough, and guilt about if your child is eating the wrong things. With obesity at an all-time high, it

is important to combat picky eaters who flat out avoid eating fruits and vegetables. There are some

things you can do to get your little one to try new foods and encourage healthier habits at home.

Children’s eating habits are influenced by what they see others around them eating. If there is a lot of

junk food around, it’s more than likely that is what they will want to eat. As a parent, you can try eating

a whole range of healthy foods, and being enthusiastic about it. This will lead to your child to be more

inclined to do the same things. Another thing that could help is knowing another child who may be an

adventurous eater. Invite that child over for a meal and let the encouragement and “I want to be like

him” vibes influence your child.

Help to create a positive environment around food and the dinner table. Here are some things to keep in mind:

 It can take 10 to 15 tastes of a new food before your child gets used to it.

 Introduce food in small spoonful’s and over time to avoid overwhelming your little one.

 Start with little bites from your own plate.

 Try a new food together and show them how you are willing to try things too!

 Remember to stay positive - even if you need to fake it sometimes.

 Eating sugary and sweet food regularly develops your child's taste for those flavors.

 Try to make the dinner table open and relaxed, and get your little one involved in food prep where possible.

 Talk about what you’re eating - what it looks like, how it tastes and where it comes from.

 Try a reward chart rather than using sweets and desserts as motivation.

At Star Montessori we are no strangers to fussy eaters. We do our best to have menus that appeal to all

children. From our experience, forcing doesn’t go very far, you don’t want the child to be in full control

but you also want them to feel heard. We offer a variety of options and really make sure we monitor

your child’s eating habits. Parents are always aware of any concerns or issues. We believe being in an

environment with other kids allows them to see how other kids eat and they are less inclined to throw a

fit at the table. Come learn more about Star Montessori and our food menu for our students!

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