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Choosing the Right Child Care Center

Finding a good day care for your child is high priority on every parent’s list. This day care should be warm, friendly and inviting; whilst providing a nurturing environment for your child. At Star Montessori our mission and focus is to ensure young children grow and thrive through our top notch curriculum, welcoming atmosphere, and family service.

Find a day care that is flexible with a good reputation. Ask parents that use the center their opinion of how the day care is operated before enrolling your child. Ask for copies of their policies; about their regulations and how emergencies are handled. Find a day care center that has a strict policy as it relates to child illnesses and immunizations. Star Montessori has been in business since 1988. We have seen thousands of children come and succeed in our program. You can find reviews of us here, here, and here.

Ensure the day care center has scheduled physical activities, meal/snack times and quiet/rest times. Ensure they have age appropriate toys, videos and their activities are stimulating, safe and fun for your child. At Star Montessori, we have 4 playgrounds and an indoor gym! Along with scheduled curriculum time, play time and lunch time, our students follow their routine everyday!

When you do find a day care center ensure there is good communication between you the parent and the caregiver especially during the early stages when the child cannot talk. Communicate to the caregiver all important information relating to the child (whether or not he/she slept the night before; if the baby is teething; if the baby is happy or miserable overall) and expect a similar communication at the end of the day.

Drop by the center and do a visit. Try to imagine your child in the setting and observe how staff members interact with the children. Look at the environment; is it safe? Is it clean? Is it childproofed? We believe at Star Montessori that parents should be able to tour at any time! Feel free and stop by to learn more about what we can offer!

You are your child’s primary caregiver and the responsibility is yours to ensure the child is safe, loved and supported to grow a happy healthy child!


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