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Cool Craft Ideas for your Kids

Cool Craft Ideas For Your Kids

Let’s bring out the creativity in our kids!

If you have a creative child, nurture his/her creativity by engaging in fun Do It Yourself (DIY) activities. Here are a few:

  1. Rainbow Pom Pom Necklace: You will need yarn, scissors, necklace cord and a needle.

  2. Simply wrap the yarn around an object (you may use your hand).

  3. Take the yarn off and tie with a length of yarn long enough to tie the bundle. Ensure it is done very tight to keep the pom pom together.

  4. Use the scissors to cut the loops then trim to give the pom pom a neat/uniform look.

  5. Attach the pom poms along the length of the necklace cord as desired!

  6. Build a Piggy Bank using a Plastic Bottle: You’ll need an empty plastic bottle, craft knife, scissors, colored paper, pencil, glue, tape, hole punch, paintbrush, wooden beads.

  7. Remove the original wrapper and ensure the bottle is clean and dry.

  8. Wrap the bottle with the colored paper, cutting ear templates and attaching as well to give the bottle a “piggy” look.

  9. Use the hole punch to punch eyes in the bottle and use a contrasting color to create a nose in the bottle cover.

  10. Use the wooden beads to create the legs, gluing them to the “belly” of the bottle.

  11. Make a cut in the “back” of the bottle large enough for the money to go through.

  12. Rainbow Salt Jar: You will need Colored Chalk, Butcher Paper, Salt and small jars.

  13. Pour enough salt onto a piece of paper, enough to make a layer that is approximately 1/4 inches thick.

  14. Chose a colored chalk and rub the chalk back and forth until the salt has the desired color saturation then carefully pour the salt into the jar.

  15. Repeat steps with different color chalks, until the jar is full. Pour the sand at angles to get fancy layouts. Be careful not to shake the jar and mix the layers up.

  16. Balloon Dart Painting: You’ll need small balloons, washable paint, plastic darts, thumbtacks, canvas or white foam board and a large drop cloth to cover the mess.

  17. Squirt a small amount of paint into the balloons before filling with air.

  18. Mount your canvas low enough for the kids and attach the balloons using the thumbtacks.

  19. Have the kids throw darts at the canvas to make a colorful splatter of colors.


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