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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday and New Year! I know we all needed those days off to get refreshed, spend time with the family, and get our new year’s resolutions ready! For this year I’m remaining committed to serving children in our community the BEST education they can receive. A cool idea you can do is working on your resolutions together with your children! Here are some great ideas you can implement.

  1. Learn new things: This one is obvious, since they will be learning new things every day at Star Montessori School and Day Care J. But to add to this you can have your child learn a new instrument.

  2. Food: We can always work on our diet and the food we eat. Might as well start them young, right!? Cutting out junk food and replacing them with nutritious alternatives will prove significant.

  3. Star exercising: No they don’t have to lift weights, but stretching is a fabulous start! Every morning before coming to Star Montessori have your child do simple stretches for a few minutes.

  4. Sleep: Sleep is crucial to a child’s development. Setting a routine or schedule is important in developing a healthy sleep schedule. See how it goes and let me know!

Those are just a few ideas, please feel free and share more! Also comment and let me know how the ones above end up working out for you after a few days!


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