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Love is in the Air!

Do you guys smell that? Love is in the air! Valentine’s day is right around the corner and this blog post is dedicated to love. What a better way than to remind ourselves of how we show love to our children! I want to share a few tips I’ve read about that we can implement quite easily.

  1. Positivity is such an important attribute to have. We all have our moments of negativity and pessimism but it is crucial to always show a “go get’em” attitude” especially to your children. You need them to believe that anything they want to achieve is possible and having a great attitude is the start. With that being said, always use encouraging words to your children. At Star Montessori School we make sure all of our staff is trained to remain positive even in negative situations. A great example is instead of saying “time out” which has a negative connotation we say “peace corner”. This is the place where children go to think about their actions and calm down. Behaving positively with your children will have lasting impact on their behavior and personal conduct.

  2. Set a good example. Children learn by their surroundings. If you behave like an angry person they think that is normal. Showing children by action is the best form of education.

  3. Time. There is no toy or amount of money that will make a child as happy as you spending time with them. At Star Montessori, they spend time interacting with their friends, classmates, teachers, and staff but 1x1 family interaction is key. Spend more time playing with them and learning who they are, you both will have a ton of fun doing it!

  4. I love you! Lastly, those simple three words have the greatest impact of them all. Saying I love you when you drop them off to Star or as soon as you pick them up will always bring a smile to their face! Adding this on top of the other 3 opportunities is the cherry on top.

Let us know if you were able to try any of the love tips above! For bonus try them all and show us the results, we’d love to see!


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